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There are 10 questions. Please choose the correct answer according to the question. Please click Confirm and Send after you complete all the questions.
The overall score is 100 points. Get 10 points with 1 correct answer. No deduced points with wrong answers. You can get the Pioneer Yushan Learning Certificate if your overall score is up to 80 points.
Q1: During which time period is Yushan closed to the public?單選題
Q2: What’s the correct method in crossing cliffs?複選題
Pass quickly, do not linger
Use both your arms and legs, do not loosen any stones
Yell and take pictures on the spot
Q3: Which of the following is/are correct if you wish to enter the Park?單選題
One should apply for a Park Entry Permit
Submit yourselves for inspection by the Park Personnel
All of the above
Q4: When encountered by a typhoon or heavy rain during climbing, what should you do?複選題
Hide at the nearest lodge
Try and make contact
Continue your trek
Q5: What are the requirements when entering Yushan National Park during the Snow Restriction Season.複選題
Guide must have a Snow Climbing Certificate and snow climbing equipment
Same as regular park entries
Team members need snow climbing experience and equipment
Q6: Feeding birds, Formosan macaque and other wild animals are prohibited and are liable for a fine of: 單選題
3000 NTD
2000 NTD
1500 NTD
Q7: When encountered by a Formosan Black Bear, what do you do?單選題
Climb a tree, play dead
Do not disturb it and leave quickly
Chase it away
Q8: From Dongpu to Batongguan, starting from which area is a Park Entry Permit required?單選題
Yunlong Falls
Lele Lodge
Batongguan Fields
Q9: Entering the park without permission can be fined up to:單選題
2000 NTD
3000 NTD
1500 NTD
Q10: What’s the correct attitude in climbing mountains?單選題
Love, respect, and protect the mountain
Conquer the mountain by reaching the top
Write again
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